Return of goods

Under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), you can return goods you have ordered under a distance contract (including online purchases) for any reason within 30 days of receipt. You also have 14 days to notify us that you are withdrawing from the contract, and you can return the goods to us within a further 30 days.

You must return the goods undamaged and in the same quantity. The cost of the return is borne by the buyer.

Upon return, the Buyer may request a refund or an exchange for other goods. The Seller shall reimburse the Purchase Price to the Seller’s transaction account no later than 30 days after receipt of the notice of return and receipt of the goods in the Seller’s warehouse. Replacement takes a few days, up to a maximum of 1 week (transit time included) from the time the return is received at the seller’s warehouse and if the goods are in stock. Alternatively, the replacement will be treated as a new order.

Returning goods – Complaint

The Consumer Protection Act (CPPA) provides in 37. Article 2, that:

  • The seller must deliver the goods to the consumer in accordance with the contract and is liable for material and legal defects in his performance.
  • The error is factual:

if the item does not have the characteristics necessary for its normal use or for circulation
if the item does not have the characteristics necessary for the particular use for which the buyer is buying it, which were known to the seller or should have been known to the seller
if the object lacks the qualities and characteristics that were expressly or tacitly agreed or prescribed;
if the seller has handed over an item that does not match the sample or model, unless the sample or model was shown only for information.

  • The suitability of the goods for normal use shall be judged by reference to normal goods of the same type and taking into account any representations made by the seller or the manufacturer about the characteristics of the goods, in particular by means of advertising, the presentation of the product or indications on the goods themselves.
  • Liability for errors of fact and law is governed by the provisions of the law governing contractual relations, unless otherwise provided for in this Law.

The consumer may exercise his rights under the material defect law if he notifies the seller of the defect within two months of the date on which the defect was discovered. In this defect notification, you must describe the defect in more detail and give the seller the opportunity to inspect the item. The consumer can notify the seller of the defect in person, with a receipt from the seller, or by sending it to the shop where the item was bought or to the seller’s agent with whom the consumer has concluded the contract.

The Seller is not liable for material defects in the goods which become apparent after two years have elapsed since the goods were handed over. If the subject of the contract between the seller and the consumer is a second-hand item, the seller is not liable for material defects in the goods that become apparent after one year has passed since the item was handed over. A defect in the item is deemed to have existed at the time of delivery if it occurs within six months of delivery. A consumer who has duly notified the seller of a defect has the right to require the seller to:

  • rectify a defect in the goods; or
  • refund a proportion of the amount paid in proportion to the defect; or
  • replace the defective goods with new, faultless goods; or
  • refund the amount paid

In any event, the consumer shall also have the right to claim from the seller compensation for damages, in particular for the costs of materials, spare parts, labour, transfer and transport of the products, incurred as a result of the fulfilment of the obligation referred to in the preceding paragraph of this Article.
The consumer’s rights under paragraph 1 shall lapse on the expiry of two years from the date on which the consumer informed the seller of the material defect.

No contractual provision may limit or exclude the seller’s liability for material defects as defined by this law. A contractual provision contrary to the preceding paragraph shall be null and void.

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) provides in 38. Article 2, that:

If the service has been provided incorrectly, the consumer has the right to require the service provider to:

  • remedy any deficiencies in the service provided; or
  • refund a proportion of the amount paid in proportion to the deficiency in the service provided; or
  • provide the service again, or
  • refund the amount paid

The time limits laid down for the seller’s liability for material defects apply mutatis mutandis to the supplier of the service, unless a longer time limit is laid down by a specific law.

The Consumer Protection Act (CPA) provides in 39. Article 2, that:

If, in the cases referred to in 37. and Article 38, the defect is not disputed, the undertaking must comply with the consumer’s request as soon as possible, but at the latest within eight days.
If the defect is disputed, the company must reply in writing to the consumer’s request no later than eight days after receiving it.

Return of damaged shipments

If the parcel is physically damaged, missing contents or shows signs of opening, the Buyer must initiate a complaint procedure with GLS or Post Slovenije. Together with the delivery service, we will make sure that the complaint is resolved as soon as possible.


The manufacturer is obliged by law to provide the buyer with a guarantee that the goods purchased will work perfectly. The warranty can be claimed directly from the manufacturer. The Buyer can claim the warranty by invoicing the Seller.

The manufacturer is obliged to carry out the warranty repair within 45 days of receipt of the goods, failing which the goods will be replaced by another equivalent and faultless product.

The Buyer can also claim the warranty from the Seller, but the previous paragraph applies in this case.

The return of goods under warranty is subject to the terms and conditions stated by the manufacturer on the warranty card.

The address for returning the goods to the seller is:

Sekom grafika nova d.o.o., Podjunska ulica 17, 1000 Ljubljana

We recommend that you use a delivery service that allows you to track your shipment and that you use appropriate packaging. The sender is always responsible for the shipping costs, unless otherwise agreed in advance. We do not accept ransom shipments.